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Joined: 18 Dec, 2017
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I am a singer/songwriter, musician, producer and blogger from Australia. You can find me at

Sample lyrics:

I Am Awake 
© 30/7/2017 C.Stewart 

I feel something missing from my life 
Coz I haven’t got the balance right 
Has my existence all been just a lie? 
Until the day I die 
I see my world as an illusion 
But control ain't no solution 
Start changing the minutia 
That is my life 

I am swimming in the ecstasy 
Of my perception of reality 
Oh, I wish this was eternity 
I am awake 
I can really feel the certainty 
Of this golden opportunity 
Let it go and set myself free 
I am awake 

I see it far off in the distance 
And to reach it I need patience 
But the pain of my resistance 
Gets in my way 
It’s a journey of a thousand steps 
Moving forward, never looking back 
It’s a long and ever-winding track 
That only favours the brave 


There were times I could’ve given up 
And say the words “I have had enough” 
But only through the eyes of love 
I can see the light 
Overwhelmed by emotion 
And humbled by devotion 
I have reached my destination 
I am awake