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    Each month:
  • Post 1 advert
  • Respond to 2 adverts
  • Send 2 messages
  • Upload 1 audio file
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$5.99 / month
    Each month:
  • Post 3 adverts
  • Respond to unlimited adverts
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Host 3 projects
  • Pitch to 10 projects
  • Create unlimited songs
  • Upload unlimited audio files
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$7.99 / month
    Each month:
  • Post unlimited adverts
  • Respond to unlimited adverts
  • Send unlimited messages
  • Create unlimited lyrics
  • Upload unlimited audio files
  • Host unlimited projects
  • Pitch to unlimited projects
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What does it all mean?


The core of our website. The homepage displays a list of songwriters adverts which you can browse and respond to. Then create your own ad by filling in a simple form.


When you are interested in an advert, you can respond by ticking a box to say you're interested. Your details will be put forward to the advertiser. Equally, when someone is interested in your advert, they can respond by ticking a box saying they are interested and you will see their details.


When you are registered, you have access to an internal messaging system that allows you to send and receive messages with other members.


We have a tool on the website called Song Builder, which allows you to write lyrics with the help of rhyming suggestions, syllable counts and song templates. A lyric is referred to as a song created with Song Builder.

Audio files

Your profile on Verse-Chorus allows samples of your music, which can be uploaded through your account.


For those wanting more tools to collaborate with, you can combine all the features of our website, and collaborate online with other members. Read more here.


To be involved in a project, you need to make a pitch, which means giving some details about yourself to the project owner. Read more here.