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To quote a song, "Music was my first love and it will be my last.....". I love late 60's/70's music. My beginnings began as a teenager with guitar lessons from an older cousin. I was hooked and spent most of my teenage years strumming in my bedroom and writing songs about the boys I was in love with! Then a long spell of glandular fever ensured the creative juices hit their peak! My dream was to become an established songwriter. My first job with a music publishing organisation opened my eyes to the industry and I decided to keep my passion in the safety of my inner world where it remained untainted by the reality of life. Many years later, I started writing again, inspired by a "golden year" in my life where I was out of work, struggling for money and the songs that came through me surpassed all previous expectations and were well received by close friends. The songs are mainly inspired by things I am burning to express, people that inspire me and words of wisdom to uplift and inspire. There are not loads of songs but the ones that have been created are like life long friends that accompany me upon my life's journey and never seem to get old or lose their meaning. I am currently re-visiting my passion of writing and am open to reconnecting with the inspiration and energy that ignited and created my previous work.

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is get back into the flow of writing again. My goal is to create more songs that I am excited about and to go beyond limitations of my perceived abilities, hopefully with the collaboration with other like minded souls, I can stretch my comfort zone and expand my beliefs of what is possible for me and others to create. I'm not looking for fame or fortune, just to write again with flow and confidence and to discover experientially that there are an infinite amount of songs just waiting to be written and that my creative juices will never permanently run dry. I hope too that I can be a catalyst for others to access their fuller potential and we can spark of each other and produce better songwriting/performing versions of ourselves than ever before and then see where the music takes us!