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Smooth crooning Australian singer-songwriter James Hampton has always had a wickedly delicious imagination. It’s one that has fuelled his creativity as an entertainer right from his days growing up in the Yarra Valley, an hour east of Melbourne’s CBD. “I had an overactive imagination as kid,” says the energetic 37-year-old, who is married and raising two children. He’s also a music teacher who has done the rounds at plenty of weddings, functions and all sorts of gigs over the years. Hampton broke through officially with a stunning first album in 2008 titled Land or Sea, which takes the listener through a fantastic musical journey of jazz, funk, pop and soul, an record “gloriously stamped with an amazing, careless, yet intelligent sound”, as one prominent Herald Sun reviewer declared, before spotlighting the album’s “light hearted tales intertwined with deeper heartfelt ballads”. Renowned producer and label executive Ken Hatley was quick to identify his talent, commenting on one of the album’s strongest moments, When Tomorrow Comes: “It’s a great track… the delivery is excellent, well arranged and lyrically great. I love the title/hook; so simple, yet so everyday. The way a song should be.” For album No.2, Decent People (2011) Hampton draws on a mix of feel-good retro fusion of jazz, funk, soul and pop; light, bright and tight with a shameless joyfulness, before again raising the bar with album No.3, Happy Enough, acknowledged by ‘radio six international with a nomination for the Record of the Year award in 2016 and placed in the top 10. Hampton is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter extraordinaire whose music could be described as a fusion of Michael Buble, Randy Newman and Rufus Wainwright all rolled into one. His music over the past decade or so has been a dynamic blend of Pop infused with Jazz and Blues elements, laced with retro overtones that harken back to something from the 1970s.

Dreams and ambitions:
I'm gonna use this 'Dreams and ambitions' section to put the word out that I am seeking lyricists to collaborate with.