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Mark V Es

Mark is a:

Member ID: M26762
Genres: Oldies, Pop, Rock
Joined: 5 Nov, 2021
City: Veghel
Country: Netherlands
Looking For: Lyricists, Songwriters, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release, Publishing deal, Sync placement, Fun
Charges for services: No
Experience: Intermediate

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I'm a composer/producer looking for lyrics to be sung over my music.

Guitarist, basssit, pianist, producer and composer. I have a lot of experience with DAW and recording. Since i'm a solo producer without the ability to sing, i feel the need to find a good match with a singer/songwriter. I've been playing Guitar since 2007 I've been playing Bass since 2018 I've been playing Piano since 2019 My experience with DAW probably dates back to 2003-2004? I have released 2 song so far and the 3rd is on its way.

Dreams and ambitions:
In short i want to produce and publish more songs. My ultimate dream(s) would be to be a full-time producer / musician (Guitarist in this case). And in the road leading up to there, i hope to increase my knowlegde in whatever genre.


Mvs - I'm a Fool
Uploaded December 21, 2021

My current project. Still in production fase, so its very raw. Also, for now its also still my voice that i use for the idea that i have in mind. ( i'm not a singer )