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Dan Brady

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Member ID: M254578
Genres: Indie
Joined: 14 Sep, 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Charges for services: No

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I just write, although i do occasionally have a go at singing. This song, Lullaby started life as a poem. I only sing and wrote it. It was a collaboration with a fantastic musician. I am looking to work with other musicians and make some interesting and different music. Please get in touch if you want to work on something. I have lots of material, been lucky enough to have been published once or twice and I'd like to have some fun with my writing. Happy to take a back seat regards singing. Looking for some talented people to work with. Cheers. Dan

Dreams and ambitions:
Would like to get serious artists to work with. We only live once.



Uploaded September 24, 2021

don't waste your time

Uploaded September 17, 2021

little anti love song


Uploaded September 14, 2021