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I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I am a freelance lyricist with a poetic, romantic style, and I'd love to provide lyrics for your project. I am a Song Of The Year semifinalist and onetime Nashville Song Service collaborator. When I'm not writing lyrics, I manage a Spotify page with 450+ followers and do A&R for a music-focused nonprofit. In addition to lyricism, I can help with your songwriting project by creating inspiration playlists and mood boards for your songs and connecting you with some big names in the music industry. While I prefer Apple Notes, I know how to collaborate on many different platforms, including Notes, Pages, Google Docs, Scrivener, and many more. I am also a femme-aligned queer womyn--I could bring diversity and a fresh perspective to your songwriting project! My musical influences include The Doubleclicks, Lady Gaga, Madilyn Bailey, Taylor Swift, Liz Phair, and Lana Del Rey. (If you want to hear what inspires me, please head to tinyurl.com/mollyrain-influences.) Right now, I am legally a minor. I prefer to communicate through email or iMessage. Thank you so much for your interest!

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream songwriting job would be to write an album with an independent queer-positive artist who wanted a truly collaborative process. I would want some creative control, but it's important to me to know what type of lyric fits that person's goals. I'd want to split profits 50/50 and have a songwriting credit on Spotify under the name MollyRain. I am also learning vocals and guitar and would one day love to be a singer/songwriter. In that regard, I'd like to make a living off music and even be signed to a label, but for now, I love freelance lyric jobs.

Sample lyrics:

hope you made it out of there

[verse 1]
you were a troubled person; i know that’s why you left
there were things you needed and secrets i never kept
i knew how to make you whole, but you just knew how to break
your friends were toxic lost souls who encouraged every mistake
they were bro talk and indiscreet humor, i was the soft touch and steady hand
you were just a broken boy in those day, but we both know i needed a woman

i hope you danced to lorde and got out of your own head
and then i hope you came back from those parties and felt like yourself again
i hope you didn’t answer when they texted you stupid memes
i hope you came a little closer to noticing your dreams
i hope you miss me a little, but only sometimes cry
i hope you go to therapy and accept that i am bi
i hope your new friends treat you well; i hope that people care
god, i hope you made it out of there

[verse 2]
now all your bros ignore me, and that’s why i like you better with you gone
boy, i’m so sick of donald trump and sexist country songs
i don’t feel like one of the boys; now i’m one of the human race
but i’m also the only one who knew the contours of your face
how could you choose them over me? boy, i don’t know or care
i hope they all have brains now, but i hope you’re not still there
how could you leave me crying? how could you never answer the phone?
i don’t know why you did that, and i don’t know where this will go


boy, i hope you heal from this; i hope you cross to another shore
because having you leave me only made me love you more
i hope you find somebody new, and maybe you feel the same
and i hope you don’t always break down when you hear my name
i want to tip your therapist and help you block those creep-oids on your phone
but logic correctly tells me that you’re better off alone
i want another midnight conversation, one more romantic slow dance
but more than that, i want you to just give sanity another chance