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Daniel Dobbs

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Genres: Hip-hop, Indie, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 2 Oct, 2021
Country: United Kingdom
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My name is Daniel Dobbs and I've been wanting to create music ever since I picked up the guitar and the age of 12. Hailing from Nottingham as a singer/songwriter, I am now situated in London and have been working as songwriter, performing producer and composer for kids content for 4 years. I rarely turn down a genre and am more of a "bring it on" person as a lover of a all genres in the right context. An album that I wrote and produced for The Teletubbies called 'Ready, Steady, Go!' will be releasing on the 15th October, with a few music videos out currently. It's probably my best work and my first ever album. I am proud and I am ready to keep going further, so if you have songs, be that fleshed out demos or top-line material, please get in touch and let's work together!

Dreams and ambitions:
Starting as a singer/songwriter, I was all about writing and performing, but a lot changed over the years that lead me to working within my own shell, behind the scenes of those who take in the limelight much better. I was sort out a lot more for my guitar playing and composition skills and so over time, I've become more of a composer, songwriter and performing producer. Going forward, I would like to continue to write with artists and produce their work, but I am also looking to compose for video games and films as I feel that I also have a lot to give in those industries too. Like I say, "bring it on" really!


Carried Away

Uploaded October 2, 2021