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Shawn Gatschene

Shawn is a:

Member ID: M276022
Genres: Country, Jazz, Pop, Rap, R&B, Rock
Joined: 12 Dec, 2021
City: London
Country: Canada
Looking For: Songwriters, Musicians, Singers, Producers
Collaboration Goals: Fun
Charges for services: No
Experience: Beginner

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I'm a songwriter who wants others to record my songs.
I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I'm retired I've got all this effing free time in this catchy covid 19th nervous breakdown world. So me, all stressed out felt compelled to scream, and scream I did. Then I toned it down to a rap. When done and performed I felt totally released and spent like I should smoke a cigarette so I smoked a coner instead. Hello! I was ready for more. So here I am I've got a notebook full of words stuffed in my pants and a Lyric Pro that's on fire and I want someone to feel a vibe and together take it higher. I'm old er ,so I got that. I choose to feel young because the wisdom of age tells me to. I love COD , MJ, trippin words on my walks and Slidin those puzzle pieces around in my box. I've traveled the world, had a wife, children, Ex. A full life. Life, I feel it all. In words, in symbols, in rhymes, and in times like these they get stronger and more important even for happy pop songs. I get tremendous release and satisfaction from the process of writing lyrics and writing song. I want to practice so hard and get the world to sing along. So here I am. How do we make a song.

Dreams and ambitions:
I think Drizzy rapped it best, "Successful ". When you find something you love that's all you wanna be . I am here at this stage in my life to give meaning , to find meaning, for the thrill of meaning and its release through song!


Uploaded December 13, 2021

The Vid 19th nervous breakdown

☆DAMN I'm Good ☆
Uploaded December 13, 2021

Fun song for the cacophony that is Tik Tok

Sample lyrics:

This is my fun side!    I'll sing it for my TiKTok if you can put musical stuff to it. Maybe a kazoo circus march? Whatcha thinkin? I got a shitload of other stuff. Don't we all?
If you feel something, lets  mixer up. See if we work together. I'd love to put up several different versions on my Tik Tok. I'm interested to see how different people interpret the music for my lyrics. I'm trying to grow

      ☆DAMN I'm Good☆

It's the greatest to me
It's my creation you see
And I created it just for me
If   you    don't    like what you see
You can leave it was free
Go and take your troll DIE DIE

But if you like it
Reach up and strike it
And don't forget an emoji

It's the greatest to me
It's my creation you see
And I created it just for me
If you don't like the sound
There's plenty of Pop to go round
Finger the page to the next marquee

I know you like it
Reach up and strike it
don't forget my favorite emoji

It's the greatest to me
It's my creation you see
And I created it just for me
And maybe you two         or three

Hey Mikey

She likes it

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