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Based in Los Angeles, my history is mostly working as a lead vocalist in various cover bands over 25 yrs. I have gotten away from that world a bit. Now working in several bands. One is a blues-rock band with Tim Russ an actor best known for playing Lt. Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager series. We do some local showcases plus conventions here and abroad. I sing a handful of cover songs in the Tim Russ Band but I would like to present originals to add in this band in the blues-rock vein ala Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I also have an original indie-rock project Valdivia X that is getting some traction. I was on drums and backup vocalist for some time but we are evolving with me being up front with lead vocals next soon as we find a drummer. So we are building repertoire of songs that I will sing. I'd like to add songs that are a sort of female versions of Nine Inch Nails or Black Sabbath. Our current songs are at www.valdiviax.bandcamp.com

Dreams and ambitions:
My immediate goal is simply to create great songs and perform/record them. My bands and genres are in the description section. I am also looking at licensing options in film/tv.