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I am an amateur lyricist looking to break into the field, I have written lyrics to go with over 60 prexisitng instrumental pieces. I am looking for composers to collaborate with. If you are interested based on my sample lyrics, I can share more of my work with you, or we can just start collaborating, whicheve you prefer.

Dreams and ambitions:
To write lyrics for a broadway musical

Sample lyrics:

The lyrics go with the song above. If the link doesn’t work, the song is from the album “The Very Best of Yiruma” on Spotify.  It’s number 41. The original title is in Korean, and the first character looks kind of like a house. 

“The Girl that’s in Your Dreams”

You think I do not know/
The song your mistress sings /
But I can hear her voice/
From deep within your dreams/
I’m laying next to you/
I am all alone/
You keep my body warm/
While she enchants your soul /
Wait for me/
I’ll be here/ 
When you wake/
Do not fear/
I’ll be yours/ 
If I can/
Fill the void/ 
Understand that I know that she/
Will always look like me/
You are an artist who/
Paints what you wish to see/
I can’t make love to you/ 
No not the way she does /
Maybe I’m not enough/
(Piano plays)/
Can I be enough/
Yes, I’m hoping/
Someday you’ll/
That I am standing here/
I’m right in front of you /
I would give anything/ 
To make your dreams come true/ 
Take me away!/
(Piano plays)/
And if I come with you/ 
You’ll learn my mysteries /
For I am not that girl/
The girl that’s in your dreams/
Yes I resemble her/
But she is just a dream/
So let me be your world /
Your real life fantasy /
(Piano plays to end of song)/