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Tord Fjermestad

Tord is a:

Member ID: M264389
Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop, Rap, R&B
Joined: 18 Oct, 2021
City: Oslo
Country: Norway
Age: 24
Looking For: Lyricists, Songwriters, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: $12 per hour

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I'm a producer, beatmaker and mixer passionate about modern, upbeat music! I consider versatility and communication to be my key strengths as a producer and composer. I love many different genres and have produced varying styles of music throughtout the years (including Pop, Rap, R&B, various EDM, Dancehall, Funk, Soul, Pop-Ballads, etc...). I have produced for myself and for other artists many times, and one song produced by me ended up on BBC Radio 1. My website for further examples of my work - itswhoknowswhen.com Get in touch if you want to make some great music!

Dreams and ambitions:
I love one thing more than anything else, making music. I hope to one day be able to spend my days challenging myself creatively and making cool sounds of all kinds of different styles with great people. I love collaborating with singers and songwriters as well, as it's also very interesting to be able to bring someone's creative inspiration to life!


Maria Paredes - Where are U?
Uploaded October 18, 2021

Pop song produced for client

whoknowswhen - Feel the Wind
Uploaded October 18, 2021

Pop/EDM song from my debut EP