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Joined: 2 Apr, 2020
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I am a professional rock and classic metal vocalist / songwriter with roughly a 4 octave range. I have released several albums with my previous band Splintered Throne, a melodic power metal band which I founded back in 2006. Having moved on from that band in 2019, I am seeking different projects to write lyrics and record vocals on in my home studio, in addition to my own songs, to keep me sharp during the "Stay In Place" order our state has. I have also been the Rob Halford in several different Judas Priest tribute bands, and I still perform live in my Deep Purple Tribute band Highway Star. If I find a good fit with someone, I would love to work further on additional recording projects. Live performances any music created here are an option depending on locale. I live in Bonney Lake, WA, a suburb of Seattle, WA.

Dreams and ambitions:
I love performing, writing, and recording. I engineered, mixed and mastered my last few records with much critical media acclaim. I want to keep that going. I have played my own songs in front of 1000's, been on TV and radio worldwide. In essence, I have already lived my dreams of yesteryear. I only now seek personal enjoyment of creating and hopefully making someone else's project even better by adding to it.


Scream - Splintered Throne

Uploaded April 2, 2020

A power metal song with groove with alternativing 3/4 - 4/4 time signatures, lyrical call and answer and multiple layers of vocal harmony lines through out, demonstrating my lyrical abilities, song arrangement, and harmony skills. All vocals were recorded, mixed, and mastered at my home studio.

Sample lyrics:

From "Seasons"

Swirling around in the back of my mind
Reality facing the end of the line
Deeper into the despair  you will go
Brighter  the light in the site of the goal
Seasons change now as they start
mending the souls of a lost broken hearts.
Finding your way never stops but it ends.
Do what you can and knowing now is still then
Life is a journey that shows you the way.
Around and around we spin losing our days.
If we take hold of what life tries to teach,
the purpose of life wouldn't be to succeed.