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Tanya Fillbrook Fillbrook

Tanya Fillbrook is a:

Member ID: M226982
Genres: Hip-hop, Indie, Jazz, Metal, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 20 Jun, 2021
Country: United Kingdom
Looking For: Songwriters, Musicians, Producers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Sync placement
Charges for services: No

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I'm a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.
I'm a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.
I'm a singer who doesn't write songs, but would love to sing on those written by others.

I've been writing for many years, less performing live. I have quite a bit of experience putting my lyrics and vocals to, primarily acoustic guitar, but some piano too. I like to write ballads [rock, and pop]. I am now best suited to voice work, [ads] and recording work. I have recorded way back in 1995 at Bransgore music studios in Christchurch. Album consisted of myself, and great acoustic/electric guitarist. Vocalist/backing for 'Lord Of The Manor' 'Gendarme' 'Six Pack' 'The Screaming Green Mummies' 'Wyhte Witch' [blues] AND MORE

Dreams and ambitions:
I am ideally looking to meet up/work here in Wimborne as I do not drive. Can occasionally travel to B'mouth/Poole. Needing to record own songs with others. Vocal backing/ Recording studio Also work for T.V. / Session work.


The Midnight Blue Rose
Uploaded July 2, 2021

Piano composition Rooney / Lyric and vocal Tanya Fillbrook.

Sample lyrics:

The Midnight Blue Rose


I still think of the time
When we would walk through a sea of roses
I hear you.
I think of a time
When we were strong
You lit up my nights
My love.


In a garden full of roses
You tread a path for me
Oh, yeah.
Midnight Blue
For you,
I pick it and plant it
Into a garden full of hope
Midnight Blue for you
Midnight Blue
For you.

Lyrics 02/07/2021