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Ray Nichols

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Genres: Country, Hip-hop, Indie, Metal, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 7 Jul, 2021
Country: United States
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34 year old new lyricist, Hello and thank you for reading. I've been writing lyrics since I was 11 and the passing of my big brother. From then Writing lyrics has helped me through many things such as a atv accident that scarred up my face, and through a discharge from the military for mental reasons and continued through the death of woman I loved and countless friends, through alcoholism and getting sober and then a work accident that left me with feeling in my right side. I can't just sit back and collect disability, the one thing in my life thats never changed is wanting to take away pain from others and to help people through tough times. ive been blessed to find songs that have changed my life and that have kept me going. Now I want to give back. I will give my all and guarantee satisfaction and will work non stop untill the job is completed to your satisfaction. "Let the pain lead the way to find yourself, put those darks days of you trophy shelf, celebrate the fact you survived hell, you too have a story to tell"

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to give back and help others in the ways music helps me every day. I would love at one point to give my wife the life she deserves, she supports me and ill do anything to repay the favor and give her the beautiful future she deserves