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Joined: 14 Apr, 2020
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My name is Nellz D'velz I am a Liberian And I'm base in Liberia I'm a singer and an upcoming artist I'm in need of a sponsors and management And I'm also looking for a songwriter,lyricist to help with my songs

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to unit the world through music and develop my country and help the poor and needy. My ambition is to become Liberia's first international award winning artist. I wanna be a legend

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Personal by Nellz D'velz ft. Milk

Uploaded April 14, 2020

Afro pop / dance Liberian song This song was writer by Nellz D'velz on which he ft. Milk to do the vinacular rap The song was mixed by Nellz and mastered by Misic Messaih

Sample lyrics:

I see the light at thunder 
The sun is rising clear
The birds are squeaking
The children are playing
There's laughter everywhere 
I just can't figure out what it means
Something tells me love gonna rain
The music is playing in the air....
Oh oh oh oh oh 
Oh ooo oooo

It's time for peace 
Let come together 
Together forever
Love is all we need...
Love is all we need