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Antonio Giardina

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Member ID: M260723
Genres: Classical, Country, Ethnic, Indie, Jazz, Pop, Rock
Joined: 1 Oct, 2021
Country: Italy
Charges for services: Yes
Rate: €20-30 per hour

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I am a Sicilian musician and composer. I play and write music for piano and orchestra, I participate in studio recording sessions as a pianist, drummer and percussionist, I play percussion in various orchestras and I collaborate with the permanent orchestras of the theaters of Palermo, Catania, Cagliari, Bergamo, Florence, and I have participated in tours in China, Germany and Malta under the guidance of the greatest conductors. For about 4 years I have been arranging music for artists from all over the world such as Lilian Renaud, Assaf Kacholi, Todd Werner, Calogero Rizzo and many others, and I compose music for short films, commercials, jingles and videogames.

Dreams and ambitions:
I dream of becoming a composer for cinema and being able to play my music around the most beautiful theaters around the world.


Love You Anew

Uploaded October 1, 2021