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Lutz Mehlhorn

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Member ID: M240017
Genres: Country, Electronic, Indie, Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 25 Jul, 2021
Country: Germany
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hi im a keyboarder from germany.i had a classical education on the piano but always played in bands from art-rock to reaggae. im not a professional mucican but a very engaged amateur so to say.i discovered online collaborations 2016 and it changed my musical life.mostly on ohmstudio ,an online daw but also on hitrecord.com and kompoz.com i was making music every day and it improved my skills in amazing ways.now i want to go a step further and produce more directly with singers and also with songwriters,male or female.i have one french female siger i work with constantly but as i will retire in the end of the year i will have a lot of time so i can do much more.you can hear stuff i did with others on my facebook site under my name lutz mehlhorn.you can contact me there or via e-mail which is if we are in contact i can tell you how to collab technically,dont worry all software i use is free so is my work too .i will do it for fun and if you made your first million you can think of me and send my alittle fee but overall its all free :-) hoping to hear from you lutz

Dreams and ambitions:
my ambitions are to produce singers, songwriters and the likes also i can write music got probably some problems with the lyrics .so a collaboration with lyricists will be great too.my goal is not so much making money, the fun in making something crative is enough for me,and then the money will come somehow.probably then when you dont expect it.but again dont wanna talk about money lets make music :-)