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Amos Levin

Amos is a:

Member ID: M270499
Genres: Country, Oldies, Pop, Rock
Joined: 13 Nov, 2021
City: Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Looking For: Lyricists, Producers
Collaboration Goals: Mainstream release, Independent release, Publishing deal, Sync placement, Fun
Charges for services: No
Experience: Professional

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I'm a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.

46 years old. Guy. Music degree. Serious about songwriting - from Gershwin, Porter, Beatles to Max Martin and Taylor Swift. Been writing songs forever - lyric writing is my definite-not-favorite-part . Looking for someone who loves lyric writing to bring their magic to the dummy lyrics of songs that are somewhat chordally and melodically formed. As well as contribute musically if you feel.

Dreams and ambitions:
I have plenty of songs & song ideas, and would love to get your lyric writing acumen on board; let's make a catalogue and shop it around to publishers and artists!


Early in the morning
Uploaded November 13, 2021

Country pop?