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My name is Katelynn Laird. I've always loved music. I knew all the lyrics to every Bon Jovi song out when I was three, and a few other hairband hits (thanks Mom). And as I got older, my passion for music grew, my tastes diversified, and I discovered a love for creation. I wrote my first song when I was 8. From there, the goal was rock stardom, anthems, autographs, Madison Square Garden. I asked for a guitar for every holiday and birthday for years. Didn't even know how to play. Didn't matter. Eventually I did learn a few chords, how to read sheet music, and a Christmas carol or two on the piano. I put most of my focus into improving my voice and starting the band I'd had in my head since that first song. But eventually real life got in the way. I got older and realized that no amount of passion and enthusiasm could replace a middling amount of talent. So I grew up and put music on the back burner. I discovered another talent, one I actually practiced and grew until it was the basis for a career: writing (I know, so much more realistic than music). But something was missing. I looked back and realized I hadn't written a song in almost 2 years, all my energy redirected toward school, a job, and writing. Noble pursuits, but my first love will always be music. Then I had a duh! moment. Creative writing had become my new passion, my new goal. And while I may be stuck solidly in the beginner category when it came to playing the guitar or piano, and my voice is average at best, better for working out words and melodies that belting out power ballads, one thing that had always come easily to me was writing lyrics. That was creative writing too. And suddenly, my two passions became one and that fire to create music was rekindled. It's a fire that has only grown since, but I can be realistic about my skills. I am a lyricist, a wordsmith. I can tell a story and craft a melody, but composing music to accompany my words is beyond my grasp. I need partners to create great music.

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream at the moment is too be able to create music. Sure, fame, fortune, the rock and roll dreams of my youth would be sweet, sweet icing on that cake. But realistically, the chance and ability to make music hasn't been available to me in a long time. I want that to change. There is a burning inside me, driving me to type every word here, to search for every opportunity. And there is a shelf full of lyric notebooks in my room waiting for the spark that will bring their stories to life. I am a words person. That is my skill. And an ear for melodies, I like to think. But instrumental composition and accompaniment are slightly beyond my reach. I've never been a great songwriter in that regard. So my dream is to be Bernie Taupin or Howard Ashman (if I could even dare to dream being as amazing as them and others like them). By that I mean, I seek fulfillment in writing the words to great songs, maybe humming the melodies. So while becoming a famous songwriter, or even getting interest in one of my songs is of course the dream, my ambition in the moment is simpler. I just want someone to create with. I want to make full songs, lyrics and music. I want a partner to collaborate with. I want an opportunity to get my lyrics to the point where someone wants to listen. Maybe many someones, And then we'll go from there.

Sample lyrics:

"Empty Stage" - 4/11/17
Verse 1 [female]
The lights have gone out
The crowds fade away
I can still here the music ringing
When I see that empty stage
It's all packed up, and on the road
The show is long over, it's time to go
I take one last look, as darkness falls
It starts to rain, I miss it all

Chorus [female]
Everything with you and I is said and done
We have had our time, we've hade our fun
No matter how long it's been, you'll be in my heart. That'll never change
Still, when I think of you, all I see is an empty stage.

Verse 2 [male]
You say the spark's gone out
Before it grew into a flame
But I still hear that music ringing
Whenever I hear your name
You see an empty stage, only as the end
I see an opportunity, a chance to start again
Please take another, before darkness falls
Up here we could be anything
I miss it all

Chorus [male]
Everything with you and I's NOT said and done
Yeah, we had some times, we had some fun
But no matter how long it's been, you'll be in my heart. That'll never change.
Cause Babe when I think of you, I still see that empty stage.

Let me go--
I need time to get my head right
I want you to know
that I can't sleep at night
Without you--
Without you--
It's over now
Don't keep me hanging on
It isn't fair--
You know I won't give up
Babe, that's life 
And love doesn't care--

[both sing, each their respective version of the chorus, overlapping]

Up here, anything can happen
Just give it a chance

Chorus [female, softer]
Everything with you and I...is NOT said and done
Yeah, we've had some times, we've had some fun
And no matter how long it's been, you'll be in my heart. That'll never change.
Babe when I think of you, I see that empty stage.

I have many other lyrics as well, some finished, some not, a few with potential music, but all in need of some collaborative growth and inspiration to become the songs they were always meant to be [they just don't fit here]