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Friendly composer / songwriter based in the south of England, UK. Meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies are my strongpoints, although I am able to write in almost any genre and for a range of instrumentation. I am particularly adept at working with lyricists to set their words to music, and love the task of doing so in collaboration with the writer themselves. I mostly studied classical music, achieving Grade 8 on Clarinet, but was also part of a rock band (inspired by Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Black Sabbath etc.) who lost to Ed Sheeran in a battle-of-the-bands style competition (feel free to ask me). I've sung in numerous choirs and even appear in the backing crowd on a Saxon record.

Dreams and ambitions:
My ambition is to become an amazing composer / songwriter, and allow my music to reach and satisfy the ears and minds of people the entire world over. I dream to leave my mark on this world in the form of music, without seeking fame or notoriety, instead just being a known name in specific circles. In terms of musical ambitions, I have 3 goals: 1. Write a fugue (and hear it performed) - I have a love-hate relationship, it's complicated... 2. Write a musical 3. Have a song that a random passerby hums or sings as I pass, without even realising they passed the person who helped create it. Beyond *my* goals, I want to help as many artists, film producers and creative folk express themselves musically in a way that allows others to hear them at their best.

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