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Poet. Lyricist. Chronic self-doubter. I can read music but don\'t play any instrument well enough to write it. I\'d love to collaborate with musicians or bands or other lyricists to hopefully make something beautiful out of the romanticised nonsense in my head. My influences are people like Peter Gabriel, Mike Scott, W B Yeats, The War On Drugs, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Simple Minds, Stevie Nicks, Ben Howard and other such genius poets. Generally speaking I\'d say the things I come up with or am drawn towards are folk, acoustic, alternative, progressive, vast, melancholic, tantalising and emotional types of music that I really don\'t know the correct genre name for... I'm 23, female and based loosely around Manchester and the North West. I\'m willing to travel further afield though. I hope my rambling thoughts can be of use to someone out there...