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I am a Singer, Songwriter and Producer who records under the name 'The Brigadier'. Having established a good online following; Creation & Poptones boss Alan McGee offered me my debut solo gig at his Death Disco night in Notting Hill, London. In the last ten years I have put out six albums and four EPs and have enjoyed radio coverage (Including BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Devon and BBC Southern Counties) in the UK, USA and Europe, as well as magazine coverage. I have done a couple of BBC live sessions and interviews and have completed a number of soundtrack commissions. I am also featured on Roxy Music and Squeeze tribute albums released by Burning Sky Records. Away from releasing songs as 'The Brigadier', I am primarily a composer of music - and certainly more prolific at composition than lyrics - so I am looking for possible collaborations with lyricists with a view for writing for other artists.