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My Lyrics Writing Background. From 1981 I continued to write and I worked as an Office Equipment Technician for an American office automation company. I was on duty to a customer to repair a printing machine. While waiting for the robots to open for me, I saw this "Black & White Couple" around 30 years of age kissing passionately and openly on the road-side of the street, quiet "unusual". This scene was so romantic and touchy, it captured my imagination. When the robots opened words just came tumbling from my mind from this sensual experience that I decided to write something down on a piece of paper about it, just to remember the experience. I Had Entered Many Various USA Lyrics Writing Competitions Those Days. Find out more by following my website link

Dreams and ambitions:
"Key To Love" song was inspired by various observations of LIFE's strange challenges a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly and its tormenting phases of time. These experiences represented teething periods of democracy in South Africa and many other events that the world is trying to cope with. Right now! Its completion is propelled by World events and by Americas trials and tribulations. In the 80's South Africa was extremely racially biased and oppressive to the core. It was criminal to fall in love with any person different from your race group. That's why they legalized Racial Discrimination. We have an "Apartheid Museum" to prove it. The Bill i.e. "ACT" was called "Group Areas Act". In the last 17 years I never contemplated doing anything about these lyrics "Key To Love" until now. Somehow these lyrics are not something you usually find in the current popular mainstream music of today or culture of spreading love and peace. Most of my writing is inspired by (Woodstock - Love & Peace Era). The 70's and 80's songwriters like Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff, Barry Gordy, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin, Carol King, Smokey Robinson, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, "The Wall", Led Zeppalin, Queen, Earth Wind and Fire, Frankie Lymon. Visit my website here:

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Sample lyrics:
IF YOU'RE DAUNTED I'M COUNTED ©2002 I.Khonjelwayo Author. All rights reserved You should be Singing to your hearts’ delight In the land of your dreams Walking with a smile To the heart of ambition Rocking with the Sun On the floor of the Gods -------------- ***** -------------- Put your no nonsense hat -on With the very sense of pride – It is your right to be you And our time to love you Bridge If you’re daunted I’m counted If you’re taunted I get shattered When deep down you’re bothered And soul-wise I am slaughtered ***** Come on New York City Let’s cheer up and dance Come on Twin Sisters Let’s get up and re-build our love (rpt) -------------- ***** -------------- The voice in your heart Is talking to my face The ears in your mind Is listening to my sorrow But the look in your eyes – is telling me, telling me your story If you’re daunted I’m counted If you’re tortured I’ get conquered When deep down you’re cornered And soul-wise I am scattered -------------- ***** -------------- Come on New York City Let’s cheer up and dance Come on Twin Sisters/ Twin Sisters Let’s get up and restore our lives (rpt) -------------- ***** -------------- The man in your soul Is searching for the answers The driver so much bruised But is cured from this pain And the look in his memories - is showing me, showing me your courage