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Genres: Indie, K-pop, R&B
Joined: 19 Feb, 2021
Charges for services: No


21, she/her ; I have written a lot of songs already but I only keep them in my notes. I feel sad when I see them not flourish so I would like to collaborate with composers and producers someday! I may be keeping a lot of songs but I actually like it better when I already have a melody/music for me to write to! So please if you are a composer who is looking for a lyricist for your music, please don't hesitate to message me! <3 The songs I usually write are about comfort, sadness, empowerment, hope, and warmth. These themes are the current highlights of my life. However, I am pretty adaptable so when you have a certain theme in mind, you cant tell it to me and I will write something about it. <3 I also do sing a bit... you can compare my singing skills and my style to Raveena or Clairo. Oh and if you are into astrology, I am Capricorn sun, Gemini rising, and Cancer moon ! (Great placements to have for a songwriter and a musician! hehe <33

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to become a full-on musician someday! I already know how to play the piano and had formal lessons for it. I also know how to play guitar and ukulele. Another dream of mine is to have enough means to buy all of the instruments I'd like to use and learn... though I honestly love collaborating more than I want to do solo work. I really like writing songs because it's one of the best way for me to cope... and I also really like expressing myself through any form of literary. Maybe I also do dream of becoming a singer... but I still don't have enough confidence to do it? I hope I'll find the confidence someday!

Sample lyrics:

Just shout my name from afar
and i will run over the hills
then i'll come paint you as you are
whether you're blue or grey or all the colors that you own
because love you deserve what you give too...