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Oh blimey! I have lost track of the number of songs and part songs I have written (not to mention the many I have co-created with my musical sidekick), that are in dire need of lyrics. I'm interested in finding someone with whom I can build a working songwriting relationship. I'm a guitar/bass player and I have access to keyboard players, drummers and singers, I just need help with assembling words. I primarily build Rock (electric and acoustic), Punk (sometimes I like to shout) and Blues (who doesn't?) but I'm up for having a go at medieval hip-hop oompah death-skiffle if that is your bag; there is no musical oeuvre that is off the table as long as you can make me understand it. I'm not looking to building a band, or expecting to make a living out of penning hit after hit; I just wish for nothing more than the opportunity to co-create a finished product, and if anything serendipitous occurs as a result of that relationship, then the future is a road that can be traveled side by side. Thanks Stig (and yes, that is my real name) BTW, sorry about the picture; it really does make me look way cooler than i am!