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I like deeper lyrics than what passes these days , mine are deep and dark and once in awhile political, no plastic pop lyrics here. I like to reflect on things like a guythats paid his dues , I have.

Dreams and ambitions:
When I first really started pumping out lyrics at the rate I do I felt it unrealistic to expect myself to keep up the pace has had eaks and valley's ..but still 4 to ten a day hope is to meet a band or a singer who requires someone to supply strong emotionally charged lyrics . If you are out there hit me up

Sample lyrics:

Changing colors

Chill in the air i can see my breath
Beautiful leaves meet a colorful death
Seasons change but somethings don't 
Changing hearts but you know yours won't 

Changing colors like a picture framed
Racing thoughts to assault your brain
Hands in your pockets cuz they've gotten cold
Things on your mind cuz you're getting old

Changing leaves make you catch your breath 
Things so pretty as they face their death
To think so deep walking in the cold
To someplace where you don't know

(Changing colors to a brilliant scene 
Changing hearts that can't be seen
No way of telling where the colors end 
No knowing how the heart will mend
The fall of the year when the warmth recedes 
The fall of love like falling leaves)

Sometimes things seem to float away
Sometimes seasons gonna end  that way
Changing colors in the cold  night air
Changing feelings that once were there

Freezing hands with a colder heart
Changing colors like a beautiful art
Pace unchanged as you walk along
Endless search just to belong

Michael Falls