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John McGuire

John is a:

Member ID: M275192
Genres: Country, Oldies, Pop
Joined: 5 Dec, 2021
City: Moncton
Country: Canada
Looking For: Composers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Publishing deal
Charges for services: No
Experience: Professional

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I'm a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I have been writing lyrics , poetry and prose for over 40 years . My main collaborative partner was my ex wife . She composed music to my words more often than not , although on the odd occasion the music came first , or it was an eyeball to eyeball session where it happened simultaneously . When she left me for the lead guitar player in her band our songwriting came to an abrupt ending . I turned my attention to the solo effort of writing a book entitled I Am God And So Are You . and devoted my attention to penning poems . As it turned out my new and favourite wife saw how my poems fit perfectly in between each chapter of my book . As I have honestly missed the collaboration of songwriting and the high five rushes I remember on hearing a completed song I felt to find another like minded artist who understands what Elton John & Bernie Taupin discovered . To me the greatest songs are ones where like a great marriage the music & words compliment one another . In my past our Country & Pop songs won a few songwriting contests which lead to recordings & radio airplay . We composed theme songs for a few charitable television programs as well as for schools wanting a teaching tool to assist in building their self esteem . I have a backlog of material , Lyrics & Poems ready to be paired up to the right music & melody . I can also supply a YouTube link so anyone interested in hearing some completed songs can .

Dreams and ambitions:
As a Lyricist my main objective is to collaborate in writing a song where I can listen to it and feel together " WE " nailed it ! It's the excitement of the creation that thrills me . Unlike the singers / performers I have no interest in being on stage , or in becoming famous . As a person in my golden years I am quite satisfied in my life . That said if success as a collaborative songwriter happens for us that would be nice , but if it didn't I'm okay with that too . Where I used to be the businessman / salesman / pitchman to publishers frankly I'd much rather be writing . Interestingly an old friend of mine who wrote Snowbird & Put your hand in the hand called me saying he had formed a music publishing company and wanted to know if I'd be interested in signing on with him . I did , but only a short time after my friend suddenly died . I still have a warm feeling that my friend who wrote so many beautiful songs believed in the ones I co-wrote .