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"Writing Words That Feel Like Music"When you feel that intrigue along with an inner spur of emotion that compels you to see that emotion sail into a rhythmic wave of words that describe what you feel carried safely by imaginary sound waves.That is "Writing Words That Feel Like Music". By Robert Marquez in March 2019 This is me. Your music and vocals combined with my lyrics could create an emotionally packed message about love and life. Music is one message media that will be here forever. Please check out my website. If you can feel the love I welcome both your opinion and creativity.I am not professionally trained as a writer but I write what I feel. Thank you very much!

Dreams and ambitions:
I deeply appreciate caring for my 91 year old mama and look forward to continue care for her and have my deepest hopes to continue to Faithfully serve my God Jehovah. Always caring for others and putting others above my interests despite my own imperfections. Goal for now is to be a good provider for what we need to work for. I work hard and enjoy life and music too!