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Joined: 10 Dec, 2016
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Hello, I'm a lyricist seeking a partner(s). Musicians, music producers etc. I\'m located in Bermuda so its pretty difficult locating potential partners. Ideally I would live to connect with someone who \'gets\' my lyrical style to form a long lasting posltive and mutually beneficial partnership. I\'ve written dozens of lyric pieces that are quite distinct and are of a high quality. Having said that I can write for most (all?) genres and musicians. I\'m motivated, versatile, a complete team player and dedicated to helping to create some appealing songs and music. I can be contacted here or at

Sample lyrics:

For some reason I am unable to correctly structure those lyric here. I\\\'ll continue to work on it
I do believe it would be worth your while to wade throught them :)

She dances naked with her curtains closed.
She never needs but feels so exposed.
(She) says people in pain,
they should never cry.
But I\'ve watched those eyes,
I\'ve seen tears die.
Between those shadows and the rain
,I\'ll be her shelter from the pain.         

Life\\\\\\\'s voice, can scream so loud.
Soon problems seek their little clouds.
A bit of puff might mean less sting.
Ya pillow\\\\\\\'s fluffed with smokey things.
A bit more puff,
now there\\\\\\\'s no one there.
Ya living life as a hallow stare

Characteristically challenged?! 
I\\\\\\\'m fatally flawed!!
My fatal flaws, kick open all (your) doors.
My dragons breath infects your head.
Defeating your @$$,gets me outta bed.
I\\\\\\\'m the hunter and you my next  prey.
There\\\\\\\'s fame in my game, 
so get outta my way.

I picked your flower in the rain,
I worshipped each petal again and again.Entwined in (our) sheets, 
now (still) steamed with heat.  
(You know) I\\\\\\\'ll guard your dreams as you sleep.As shadows darken and echoes end.
My emotions love your sins.
And every night we\\\\\\\'ll let them win.
Come and bless my sins.  
Then baby let me in.