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Joined: 11 Oct, 2017
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I write manly country style lyrics, some ballads and like to experiment with concept songs. I play guitar to a basic standard & at present am learning to use Logic Pro x , Eazi Drummer & Eazi Keys to develop my own backing tracks. I am retired and am therefore flexible with any arrangements

Sample lyrics:

What Of Memories

Some memories you forget

Some memories you regret

Some memories grow cold

While you’re busy growing old

Movies on a rainy day

Photos in a plastic frame

We listen to what people say

While we let time get away

Stop chasing history friends

We know how the story ends

If you want to spend energy

Make at least one new memory

Go grab your coat, step on out

See what life’s really all about

Take someone special with you

Find a memory in what you do

You don’t have to travel that far

Or spend hours in an open top car

It doesn’t have to cost you a dime

Just capture, just one, moment in time