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Hello to everyone, I'm a lyricist/songwriter who's base is rap/hip-hop but whom is flexible with any genre of music. I can't put enough emphasis on how much of a music fan/enthusiast I am. My taste in music spans from categories of yesteryears to compositions of modernity. I enjoy (in no specific order) Rock, Jazz, R&B, Country, EDM, Reggae, Folk, Rap, Blues, experimental, world music. I constantly write to instrumental tracks enjoying every facet equally from beginning to it's finality. To hear the subtleties of a track to the more pronounce instruments or synthesizer on a given track, the key parts where to stress a phrase(es), the emotion vocalizing and so on. There have been times were I wrote a complete song only to scrap it adding an entirely different concept although there was nothing wrong or anything incomplete from the original verses that complimented the track and I would also save those unused lyrics just to study them or refashion them. I have over 100 songs I've made. I also have a ton of conceptual themes that I have yet to construct into song format. Music is definitely a pillar and cornerstone of my life, it's like food and for me. I have an insatiable taste for it. I would like to meet people who have the same interest as me, also people who are looking for a lyricist/songwriter. My email is:

Sample lyrics:

Sample of a song I made 
It's a three verse song with a Bridge that concludes the song but I'm just giving a sample of two verses. Most of my song's I made are standard verses but this one has short verses due to the structure of the instrumental.  
The instrumental I wrote to had a pre-set chorus. The way I wrote the song was according to how the instrumental sounded followed by the hook. Those two aspects cued me as to how to write the main body of the song. 

Make To The Utmost
Written by: Leon McGuire
Copyright 2018

[Verse 1]
I'mma chill with so much leisure
The phrase comes out my mouth as a teaser
Get right into it my pleasure
I'm not a suck up too get right with appeaser
Sabals little shade by the teal O. 
Tinted lens, tee printed Take It Easy 
Apply this at no cost, it's all gravy 
I'm lolling washing swells they're wavy

[Verse 2]
What I look like besides babe don't lie
I sway gently, I replied, I decided
My decision, my pride, my services to you'll I'll provide 
Cons and lies where I pause at, unprovided
Mental gymnastics, idle time I piddle
I'll go your way a little, I'll meet you in the middle 
I'm playing, I'll meet you all the way