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Music saved my life and sanity if I’m honest. It was clear it was in me to everyone close to me as soon as I picked up the guitar,I could play along with anything and ad-lib solos not long after starting to learn, I wrote my first song after waking up in the middle of the night..had only starting learning yet somehow wrote the words and chords of the chorus without hearing it..I was 12...I got pretty good playin metal and was in lots of bands in my teens but always kept writing my own stuff along with the metal, Life happened and I slowed to an almost stop. I’m hungry now I’ve been writing constantly.. tbc.

Dreams and ambitions:
I would love to not waste my Talent, Fully realize and embrace my full potential.. I want music be a positive defining force in my life..not my biggest regret and biggest waste. ...after reading this u can see my need for a competent writer!😉