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Grant Lucas

Joined: 1 Jul, 2020
Charges for services: No


I am a Singer /songwriter / lyricist I can Record / produce / arrange / mix and master. I’m looking for other musicians interested in collaboration on original tunes either their songs or my songs. I am 59 years old and love all music but not up on some of the latest hip hop or Rap. I prefer to work with rock / pop or country. Modern style is also good. If doing demos mp3s are ok but 24bit 192k is preferable. I use Studio One Pro and a PC Plugins range from Fab Four Filters to waves I am a singer and guitar player I can do some lead guitar work and some piano as well. Any complicated lead guitar or piano I farm out to better musicians. (Unless you are just doing a demo) I am big into lyrics and messages in lyrics. My writing varies from love songs to animal rights and political songs and from country to rock , pop and a bit of simple jazz. Some of my lyrics can get a bit intense for some people mostly because most people are in blind denial in some subject matter. You can find some of my songs on most platforms such as Spotify or Apple ITunes or YouTube. Look up “Grant Lucas it’s about time “ there are 17 songs to get an idea of my writing , arrangements , mixing and mastering. I have one basic video on YouTube called “memories “ Let’s have some fun.

Dreams and ambitions:
Just want to continue to have fun with new songs

Sample lyrics:

Here is a sample of a more political or thought provoking song (Southern country Rock)

{c: Verse}
The world’s become a prison with walls to keep some out
But walls create devisions, mistrust, hate and doubt
People create their walls, he’s not this or she’s not that
Can you believe it, where’s my phone? Snap a pic, post a chat.

{c: Chorus}
Most don’t see it, some will believe it, on down the line

{c: Verse}
We’re all made of different thoughts, that’s what makes us great
Criticizing’s become the norm, he’s a racist, she’s a fake
Before you say or think you know, take a look within
Are your words building walls or inviting people in

{c: Chorus}
Most don’t see it, some will believe it, on down the line

{c: Verse}
Beauty starts within us, we’re the forests among the trees
Embrace our different choices, embrace our different needs
Religion, race or colour are not threats or enemies
We must learn from one another, this is what we need

{c: Chorus}
Most don’t see it, some will believe it, on down the line

{c: Bridge}
We got to try to get along, we got to try to get it all together
(Whisper)(Be for it’s too late)

{c: Verse}
It’s sad to think our planet earth is dying on our watch
But sadder yet is most don’t think beyond a selfish thought
It’s everywhere we look, we all understand the math
So how long will it take to free us, from this destructive path

{c: Chorus}
Inside we’re all the same, we’re not separate or apart
If we don’t shed our differences we’ll never make it work 

{c: Verse}
In conclusion just a thought or maybe ramblings of a fool
Loose your walls and differences, segregation’s not a tool
Hold on to individuality but remember this
We only get one go around, open your eyes cause this is it

{c: Chorus}
Most don’t see it, some will believe it, on down the line
Most can’t see it, some will come to believe it, 
When there’re dying