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I'm an award winning lyricist who currently has a song, "Til Then" featured in a short film, "Patrick" that is on the film festival circuit. Danny Bemrose of "Scars on 45" composed and recorded it. We won "Best Original Song in a Short Film" in the Los Angeles Short Film Fest and took 3rd place in the Las Vegas Film Festival. Currently I'm working with a few other talented singer/songwriters/composers on a project that I'm heading but my love is alternative music and sadly none of them write/compose that genre. Essentially I'm looking for someone who appreciates bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and Muse to name a few.

Dreams and ambitions:
Right now I'm heading up a project making original songs available to be used in Indie films but want to expand into writing songs for tv and for pitching to already well established recording artists for recording. It's important to me that my words be heard, my song's stories told. Each song is personal to me in some way and holds a small piece of my soul. I don't write "fluff", lyrics that have nothing really to say, just part of a catchy tune. That's just NOT me.

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Sample lyrics:
"Hurt A Little More" (Verse I) I wish I could forget you Because remembering Is just a reminder I wasn't worth holding on to You came on so strong It gave me hope You wouldn't be so weak to leave But then my thinking was all wrong (Bridge) When you left You didn't take all of you Instead like a thorn buried deep inside Part of you stayed embedded in my mind (Chorus) I fell to my knees Yes, I cried before And part of you stayed behind To watch me Hurt a little more And each day since I hurt a little more (Verse II) There were things you feared to tell me Things you said I should know But you kept your silence Afraid I'd see you differently No faith in my love You lacked all trust I had no chance to understand And you didn't care enough