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Sample lyrics:

till eternity

I love it when u say , our love story is so different
how different is wat u never told me
baby thats when you burst my bubble
for you never were.... as involved as me
reminding me of your fake promises .......
of making this last till eternity.....

submissive as always , I feared u'd leave
thinking later , " oh did I miss your arrival, if u ever did"
help me in clearing this illusion of mine
where I see us laughing away the nit 
where stars sparkle on my cheeks 
and you like a chivalrous man  open up a bottle of wine
am i to be blamed for making the first move
then y ? not once u asked me to let things be
explaining that u mit not be around till eternity

when did u loose the shine in yr eyes.....
that came upon seeing me.......baby lovers we were
i must be lacking a lot , which m sure u found in her
m sorry for making u pretend that u love me
actually believing that we will make it work
baby make it work till eternity ......

I failed to see no love from you,
for i was busy decorating my world with ppl not many but few
but m sure of giving atleast some good memories
for you to cherish later in life ......
which could have been our future had u seen me as yr wife
its tough on having to return our stuff ,
that once we exchanged
you made changes not just in my home but also....
my very identity
making me realize nothing ever has ......
nor ever will last till eternity