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Genres: Indie, Pop
Joined: 2 Nov, 2020
Charges for services: No

I am a lyricist looking for musicians to write music to my lyrics.

I am a teen lyricist that has been writing for almost two years. I've written multiple songs, none of which has been released yet of course, but I have shown my work to people and they all loved it. So I'm here trying to fulfil my dream of writing a song and getting it produced.

Dreams and ambitions:
I want to be singing/writing songs that will be produced, and I want to help anyone who needs help in writing lyrics to their songs. I'm doing this for free! The only catch is that I want recognition for the song as well. I mostly write pop songs. If you are a producer, singer, or a musician or anything that needs help with lyrics, contact me at , ' sach_.alexandra '