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Genres: Country, Pop
Joined: 19 Feb, 2021
Charges for services: No

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I am a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I am a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.

Hi I am 65 years old I live with my son in Weston-s-Mare I enjoy writing lyrics and have just started learning to play the guitar. As soon as I knew three chords I was off writing my own songs. I enjoy making new friends and talking about anything. I have a passion for art and of course I love music. I would love to hear peoples thoughts about my songs and receive honest opinions. I am into jogging a little and I try to watch what I eat not easy when you love good food and good wine!!!! YOLO I enjoy country music all the old classic songs.

Dreams and ambitions:
I would like us to re-unite as we both fly this perilous flight no-one can time steal as time is not real and I don't matter along with street chatter can you see what your doing to me? am I not important to thee? Chorus Update me baby cause I just cannot see what the hell your trying to do to me Update me baby or just let me be what the hell your trying to do to me Verse Mobile phones and tablets our eyes never meet laughing and joking don't mess with the weak texting and snap chat baby you know I want you back I know how I moan won't you bury that phone copyright Henry Harrison 08/04/2021