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Ashleigh Ryan

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Member ID: M225178
Genres: Country, Pop
Joined: 13 Jun, 2021
Country: Australia
Charges for services: No

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I'm a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.
I'm a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.

Hello! I'm a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. In the last few years, I have collaborated and co-written songs with international artists and music producers alike, including Lewisland and Rush Sounds. I have a home recording studio and I use a Samson C01U Studio Condenser Microphone. Looking to work on some pop or country pop music!

Dreams and ambitions:
I'd love to release a country pop song, so I'm looking to collaborate with other artists and producers who might be able to help make that dream come true!


Hope You'll Stay

Uploaded June 13, 2021