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Genres: Pop, R&B, Rock
Joined: 13 May, 2020
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I'm a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.

I'm a guitar player song writer, currently living in Thailand and working with musicians from all over the world under the banner of 'Rocky Head Collective'. Our Collective also has a Grammy nominated writer in the team with millions of record sales. Here is a video just released of our latest recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FySoge9stXQ

Dreams and ambitions:
We write songs for our pleasure but would be delighted if any were picked up and used by music supervisors, or established artists. We have no ambition to be in the limelight in any way, just to collaborate with outstanding musicians, producers and sound engineers who want to produce the best music they possibly can. I do have a publishing deal and we have a LOT of good material in the pipeline if you want to join us.