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Joined: 18 Apr, 2015
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Lyricist only. Penned many songs for many years and now have the confidence to collaborate with musicians and develop my craft even further and make songs worthy for radio play or demo quality to pursue my dream.

Sample lyrics:

{Champagne - Chorus (Think Rita Ora's How Do We Do or Twilight Cover Drive)}
Get sippin' up that champagne, Everybody's way too tame, Don't you know that time, Won't wait for anyone, So you might as well, Have some fun, And get sippin' up, That champagne                                     {Say It Like it is - Verse 3 (rap verses sing chorus, think r&b)}          
I started out just one in the crowd, Mastered the craft to get the right sound, I built connections and partnerships, Got inspired by all kinds of scripts.
{Off The Road - verse 2  (Pop/open for discussion)}
Maybe I should have known better, I saw what I wanted to see, But this you did deliberately, Causing pain to set yourself free
{Think Out Loud - Verse 1 (Acoustic Guitar?)}
Baby your all I'm thinking 'bout, It's not day to day nine to five, Even unconsciously, You are constantly on my mind