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Hey all, Martin Kaye here. I'm a pianist, singer and songwriter, best known for my high energy, odd-socked performances. Inspired and influenced by Elton John, all I've ever wanted to do is perform, play the piano and sing my heart out. I played “Jerry Lee Lewis” in the Broadway, West End and Las Vegas show ’Million Dollar Quartet’, have recorded three albums and two EPs, co-wrote a musical "Bright Side", have been touring internationally for over a decade, and have recently opened a new one-man-show called "Elton John: It's A Little Bit Funny", telling a fabled story of when I met Elton in a Vegas hotel lobby post-show, interweaving his story with mine. Here's the thing: I love writing melodies and chord progressions, but I'm not the greatest lyricist by any stretch. And I LOVE collaboration. Just need to find the right one :) Any lyricists up for collaborating with a pianoman? My links are below for more info if you want.