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I'm a lyricist/singer-songwriter based in Kent in the UK. I've loved music all my life and started writing lyrics back in the early 90s, some of which were put to music by various composers. I had a break from songwriting when life in general took over but returned to writing in the year 2013 and have been writing ever since. I take inspiration from my own experiences, from life in general and from general observations. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the middle of a sleepless night and comes out of nowhere! I try to write meaningful lyrics which I hope people can relate to. I'm inspired by artists such as Elton John, The Eagles, The Beatles, Adele, Abba, Ed Sheeran, George Ezra, Tom Odell and many other singer-songwriters, story-tellers and power pop music. During the past year or so, I've taught myself how to use Garageband and now create my songs from start to finish using that platform. I'm responsible for all arrangements, production, instrumentation, mixing and mastering with my latest material. I've also created some unusual songs with the spoken-word artist Jon Husqavan. Again, I wrote all music and lyrics for these songs and performed and arranged the music for them. I can write lyrics in almost any style and am always happy to collaborate with other musicians to create new songs. The songs on my Soundcloud link are mainly collaborations with other artists, with a couple of exceptions. They are included to show my work as a lyricist. Jon Husqavan:

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to achieve success and recognition as a songwriter. I would love to write a song which everyone knows and loves!

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Sample lyrics:
Black Friday Love © Angie Kuske 2016 Verse 1: Hats and scarves and coats in cars Find another late night bar Where strangers dance around each other Will you be my only lover Or are you looking for another One night stand Pre-chorus: Dancing talking mind is walking Into future lights with you Chorus: Will we flash by like Black Friday Pleasure rush til Cyber Monday Will we be a lasting treasure Holding fast but no fast measures Will we find a life forever Or Black Friday love Verse 2: Drink it back make eye contact Will you take this stranger back Or will you dance around each other While one drink becomes another If you see no-one above her Take her hand Repeat pre-chorus Repeat chorus Bridge: Now you’re rushing In slow motion Lips are touching Heat explosion Out of nowhere Comes the notion You’re the one emotion I will ever need Repeat Chorus End: Will we be a lasting treasure Holding fast but no fast measures Will we find a life forever Or Black Friday love Will we travel life together Or Black Friday love Don’t want another stormy weather Cold Black Friday love Go Black Friday love No Black Friday love