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Greetings I m an creative lyricst , i do write all type of lyrics and cretae good ideas to make hit music.

Sample lyrics:

Good Couple

If you ever loved me
And you gave me all your love
Would you confirm me 
And if somehow you knew that your love would be cold 
can you stop the coldness
And  still…call me baby 
No matter how, babe we shall be strong 
First of all I don’t want to think wrong 
Tell me who can I trust if I can\'t trust in you 
And If I refuse to believe your love is not true 
You shall protect…you shall react 
We are a good couple…
We are supper perfect 


Say you want my love and you will never leave me 
say that that the sun shines for you and me 
proof your love babe…I want it to see
I want to take out my doubt
I want to take out my jalousie
I want to break..break free
I don\'t want you lie
Lie lie lie …on me 
Trying to be so nice
with so many stories…
big… big lies