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Genres: Country
Joined: 17 Nov, 2020
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I am a singer who writes songs. I am looking for musicians/composers/producers to help complete my songs.

I am 64 years young and have been writing lyrics since I was 22. Rhyming comes easy for me which helps when I get inspired. Recently I have written about 20 songs having to do with my life growing up using karaoke tracks. I have written over 100 original songs that need music.

Dreams and ambitions:
I would like to see one of my songs actually recorded. I do believe I have a God given talent and I can be a real asset for someone with music talent if given the chance to shine.

Sample lyrics:

Here's a quick one I just made up:

I went online and found this site, Somethn' about it felt so right.
So I wrote all my information in, which could be for me a big win.
If Verse Chorus is for us there's no way to lose
That's why Verse Chorus is the one I did choose