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Sean Fowden

Sean is a:

Member ID: M280059
Genres: Country, Indie, Rock
Joined: 6 Jan, 2022
City: Middlesbrough
Country: United Kingdom
Looking For: Songwriters, Composers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release, Publishing deal
Charges for services: No
Experience: Intermediate


I have been in bands in England, singing, performing and writing since I was 15. Varying degrees of success and failure, then life, marriage, business, kids, animals and all life's traumas and paraphernalia got in the way. I continue to play for fun and gig with our youngest daughter or at least did until Covid got in the way. So not a spring chicken, but still competent and enthusiastic after more years than I want, no, sorry, can remember!!!!! Looking to collaborate with a musician to write and develop melodies to my lyrics and musical ideas. Then, if that works let's see where dreams ad hard graft take us!!