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Ben Houghton

Ben is a:

Member ID: M276320
Genres: Indie, Rock
Joined: 14 Dec, 2021
City: Manchester
Country: United Kingdom
Looking For: Musicians, Singers
Collaboration Goals: Independent release
Charges for services: Yes
Experience: Intermediate

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I'm a songwriter looking to collaborate with other like-minded songwriters.

25 year old lyricist looking to work with musicians and create a bond within the work of writing songs for a living. I'm willing to help artists gain a better understanding when it comes to writing a song in a creative style.

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream is to be a singer, but I have a creative style of writing which should be recognised by artists and noticed publicly. I'm passionate about music and love to write songs, relating to any subject that I feel comfortable discussing.

Sample lyrics:

I'm looking at you from across the room
You keep looking at me with your glaring eyes
You're making me wanna be seductive
All the time
Do you have what it takes to change my mind?
Change my mind