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Joey Elsner

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Member ID: M247413
Genres: Electronic, Hip-hop, Indie, Pop, Rap, Techno
Joined: 18 Aug, 2021
Country: Germany
Charges for services: No

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Songwriter / Producer / DJ with 4 years of experience in producing various music genres (hip-hop, edm, pop etc.) Music is a big part of my life, that's why I started producing my own music. I make music for fun and not for profit.

Dreams and ambitions:
I only produce music as a hobby and don't plan on making it a full-time career. That way I can stay independent and still keep my motivation and passion for music production.


EDM - Production
Uploaded August 19, 2021
Hip - Hop - Production (Snippet)
Uploaded August 19, 2021
Pop - Production
Uploaded August 19, 2021

One of many remixes I have done.