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Joined: 17 Aug, 2020
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I have been writing for 30 years. While always a passion of mine, the real world job landscape took over. Now, approaching what would be the mid life crisis part of my life, I am not looking to buy a sports car . Rather, I want to regain the dream of having my lyrics put with music and performed by artists. I can write in most genres though I feel that singer songwriter or country might be the best fit. Inspiration comes from all angles of life: the news, simple phrases, conversations, things I see, etc. As the COVID world has taken form, I am looking to make this my job. Not just a hobby, but what helps support my family. This is why I am looking to collaborate and get my work in front of others. Let's dream together!

Dreams and ambitions:
My dream, since I was 13, was to write songs that would be sung and heard by others. What better feeling than to have complete strangers sing along to words that you wrote? Is there a better feeling? My dream is to make writing my life. I have a blog but could do more. I write new songs but want to see them set to music. I want to fulfill a life long dream of getting my lyrics heard. This is the dream. I am not looking to get stupid rich or to become wildly famous. Don't be silly though, I want to make money at this. I want this to be my job. After getting diagnosed with a form of leukemia, I have decided that certain things in life are now more important. This 9-5 job is not. While I do it to provide for my family, I wish to do more of what I love. Spending time with them and working with music. Life is too damn short, let's bring these dreams to life!