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I opened a studio in 2000 with a business partner as an off shoot of our primary fashion business. We were in the middle of the hip hop industry and fashion and music were merging together at a hectic pace. I cannot sing two notes but I love to listen to all types of music. I pay close attention to the lyrics. I am a fashion designer by trade but with the studio I all of a sudden found myself writing lyrics to the music being generated in the lab. To my surprise they were well liked. Well the fashion thing really took off and I archived my lyrics..Fast forward to 2019 and those lyrics are calling me. I would love a new partner in crime to kick this next phase off. I have awesome connections and want to present what I simply like to describe as good music to them. So if you are out there...if you truly want it. Get at me.

Sample lyrics:

I do believe 
that there is a place and time
big ole world, boy meets a  girl
he has is whisky, she has her wine.
The night was young\'
had so much fun, 
fell in love with one look in her eye
Watched the moon fade into the sun
strolling hand and hand
in the morning light.